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VCPC Culture Index


Credit Pricing Corporation, in collaboration with OpenWork Inc. (previously Vorkers Inc.), provides the “VCPC Culture Index”, which scores the corporate culture of a company in chronological order.

By using the vast and high-quality employee word-of-mouth information provided by OpenWork Inc., and scoring the culture by CPC’s own AI technology, you can figure out if the culture by company is good or bad, and it has been improved or worsened.

Currently, almost all listed companies in Japan are assigned the “VCPC Culture Index”, which can be used for applications such as equity investment, corporate valuation, credit management, risk assessment and so on.
> VCPC Culture Index is now only available for financial business applications.

1. System of VCPC Culture Index

Currently, we provide three types of scores: “organizational culture score", “work values score" and “work environment score".

2. Generating VCPC Culture Index

VCPC Culture index is generated as monthly data based on the methodology shown in the following paper, using employee word-of-mouth information of listed companies constructed by OpenWork Inc.

[Analysis of the relationship between corporate organizational culture and financial performance using company employee reviews]

> Updated on May 24, 2019: This paper has been awarded the “[2018 Securities Analyst Journal Award] ”.

3. How to offer the Index

We will propose the best offer method according to your application.

The followings can be considered as examples of the delivery method.

  • Providing VCPC Culture Index once a year as a key factor for stock screening in equity investment
  • Providing VCPC Culture Index monthly for stock portfolio monitoring
  • Providing VCPC Culture Index once a quarter for risk management of credit portfolio

4. Contact

For further inquiries regarding VCPC Culture Index, please contact [Email]
 or call (813-3524-7220). (Mr.Nishiie or Mr.Sasaki)